Maison Tricon Olivier

Listening, selecting and elaborating are the key words of the House of Olivier Tricon. Take a closer look at our logo, it symbolizes five men, seen from above, arms open and linked to each other by a glass. Five, the number of harmony and balance, five as many continents and as the fingers of a hand. All the soul that Olivier Tricon infuses into each of his vintages is summed up here. It represents almost 35 years of work and action.

Domaine Tricon Olivier Domaine Tricon Olivier 1 Domaine Tricon Olivier 2
  • BOURGOGNE (ワイン 赤)
  • BOURGOGNE (ワイン 白)
  • CHABLIS (ワイン 白)
  • CHABLIS 1ER CRU - Montmains (ワイン 白)
  • CHABLIS 1ER CRU - Montée de Tonnerre (ワイン 白)
  • CHABLIS 1ER CRU - Vaillons (ワイン 白)
  • CHABLIS GRAND CRU - Bougros (ワイン 白)
  • CHABLIS GRAND CRU - Les Clos (ワイン 白)
  • PETIT CHABLIS (ワイン 白)


Maison Tricon Olivier
Route d'Avallon - BP56